2 easy actionable ways to boost sales for your business

Is there a way to getting more sales for your small business using email marketing?

Yes, there is a way.

Before we get into the details, let’s start with the basics of what email marketing is and how it can help your business succeed.

1. Start an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is basically just a direct marketing effort used by most medium to large sized businesses, where companies send out regular messages to a targeted pool of customers. Any mail which is shared with their existing customer, new customer or clients is generally called as email marketing.

Companies use email marketing to maintain good relationship with their customer and clients. Email marketing helps to create awareness, helps to build brand in the market and the most important thing is loyalty which can be created through email marketing.

Email marketing saves the cost and time both and give you maximum output. If you opt for other ways of marketing like radio, television or print media, it is much costlier and takes lots of time to prepare the content and several other factors also involved in it. You might not be able to scale your database if you use traditional digital marketing methods, but in email marketing helps to build database as it contains most required information from the viewers.

2. Spice up your landing page

The landing page is mainly known as the sales or lead generating page.

Landing pages are basically designed to provide information about the product or information about the company which will attract you most and when you will click on that page it will increase traffic also for that particular page.

As it works as a lead generation page, it tends to collect all the available data, such as your name, email id and use it for future purposes. Nowadays, most of the eCommerce companies use the landing page to maintain a healthy relationship with their customer and keeps the customer intimated about their products or anything new which they are going to do in near future.

First, you need to create a precise mail which should be attractive enough to grab the customer’s attention at first sight (1). Your email should not be too long and there should not be any unnecessary staff. If you want to attract customers, then you can add a photo of any particular product or event and your font should be easily visible.

Always use such colors which are attractive. Always try to generate curiosity so that people should click on your message and read further. Once you are done with your email content, you can focus on the landing page. Your landing page should contain more relevant information and images so that customer can directly order from that page itself.


  • Email marketing is the most effective way to reach the maximum pool and when you combine it with landing pages, it makes your job a lot easier.
  • Time is the most valuable thing, you have very limited time, so you should utilize your time in such a way so that you get the best results and email marketing with landing page could be the best way to deal with, it saves lots of time of yours.
  • You always try to get a return on invest within a short span of time. Email marketing not only saves your cost, it helps to get the ROI also (2).
  • One email is enough to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your client or customers not only that it helps to penetrate the new market as well.
  • Though it’s a cost to the company, but helps to increase the profit because it opens a door for sales channels and generates lots of leads and in current days’ leads are the most crucial thing for any organization to maintain their sell up throughout the year.

A few tips to make your landing page more effective (3)

  • Information: When you are sending any email the information you are providing should match with a landing page. There should not be any misleading information. You should add benefits or USP for your product which will make a big impact on the viewer’s mind. If you have any particular trade mark or symbol which will differentiate your identity from your competitors, you should always add in your email as well as landing page. Most importantly, your landing page should be error free, if there is any error then it can create a bad impression to the viewers.
  • Simplicity: You should always keep your landing page simple so that people can understand it easily. The content should be precise. You can always use catchy key words such as free, buy one get one and discounts these types of words grabs customer’s attention very easily.
  • Purpose: You should always prioritize your purpose of making landing page. If you are focused to generate the maximum number of leads, then you should definitely keep column for name, email or number so that you get the maximum number of leads and which will make your job easier when you will re-target the same audience pool.
  • Look: Looks plays a vital role and it gives your audience a clear picture. You should design your landing page beautifully so that people feel lost and log in again and again. You should always keep the email page and landing page same. You should use the same color, font and most importantly, the message should be same. You can add alluring image or video which will emboss in the viewer’s mind easily. You can do a pilot run before you send any invitation to anyone, once you will do a pilot run and take feedback from different people you will be able to understand if there is any mistake or if any changes are required.
  • Diversity: You should include different products in your landing page so that it can fulfill customers want. Product designing is the important part in your landing page, you have to make sure all the categories are almost there right in your email landing page.
  • Decision making: your page should be designed such a way so that it creates an impact in the viewer’s mind and helps to take a decision on the spot. You can add shopping cart and payment gateway in your landing page so that if viewers like any product they can easily go for buying option.

These are few tips which might help you to prepare more attractive email marketing and landing pages.

Moreover, there are several certifications and courses which you can do online or offline and you will have a better understanding and will be able to create most effective landing pages that will not only attract more people but sell more products and services.

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