September 30, 2012

Let's review why John Shimkus makes national news. With memes!

Illinois Congressman John Shimkus is making national headlines again. Let's review what Shimkus has done in the past to earn national attention.

1) Saying carbon pollution is good because it's plant food.

2) Covering up the Foley Congressional page scandal.

3) Claiming the Bible denies climate change.

4) Walking out on President Obama during the State of the Union address.

And, now we can add to the list that a Shimkus staffer was arrested for allegedly assaulting Lindsay Lohan. The story in New York Daily News is pretty ugly.

I don't want to sell Joe Walsh short, but I think Shimkus wins the title of most embarrassing Congressman in Illinois.

And whatever else people say about her, I thought Lindsay Lohan was great in Machete. I love that movie.