September 25, 2012

Rodney Davis supports Bush economic policies on steroids and radical deregulation.

Rodney Davis released an economic plan today and (big surprise!) he thinks we should go back to the George W. Bush policies of more tax cuts and deregulation. Didn't that work so well last time?! He calls his plan "back on track" and it certainly would get us back to the Bush policies that lead to the economic collapse.

Davis thinks we should extend the Bush tax cuts for millionaires instead of using that money to balance the budget. He also repeated one of my favorite talk-radio cliches in his press release when he said, "government doesn’t create jobs."

He claimed government doesn't create jobs at a press conference in Edwardsville, where the top employer is big government state school Southern Illinois University. He's running in the Illinois 13th Congressional district where the top employers are the State of Illinois, Illinois public universities like SIUE, UIUC, ISU, and UIS. The next top employers include public K-12 schools, and hospitals, which are heavily dependent on government funding from Medicare and Medicaid.

Does Davis have no f*ing idea where most of the people in this district work for a living?! And, oh yeah, Davis also spent his entire adult life working in government jobs. Who created his jobs working for George Ryan and John Shimkus? The tooth fairy?

Davis also came out in support of the REINS Act. This would allow Congress to approve or repeal "any regulation that has $100 million economic impact or greater." That number is small enough that it would apply to any significant regulation on large corporations. It's being pushed heavily by the Koch-funded Heritage Foundation.

Regulation would be taken away from professionals trained to understand the industry they oversee and placed instead in the hands of a Congress that's taking campaign contributions from corporate special interests.

Workplace safety, clean water, clean air, consumer protection, child labor. Say goodbye! All could be weakened or repealed as soon as a regulated special interest bribes Congress with enough campaign contributions.

It's a recipe for taking us back to a pre-Roosevelt economic policy. I mean Teddy Roosevelt, not Franklin.

Davis' campaign likes to throw the word "radical" around a lot when talking about his opponent, David Gill. But, Davis just released the most radical, extremist position I've seen this election season. It's pretty clear now why he took so long to tell people where he stands on the issues.