October 15, 2012

Funny video busts out Rodney Davis' amnesia about years as political insider

There's a new video on YouTube that starts out with Republican Congressional candidate Rodney Davis saying it's absurd for people to call him a Washington insider. It then details his years as a political operative close to the Republican Washington establishment, cleverly set to the music of "You're My Best Friend" by Queen.

I found it at a twitter profile spoofing Davis, @NotYourAmerica. Whoever created it also tweeted several of my blog posts about the race. The name references a piece of Davis campaign literature I wrote about that claims, "THEY CALL THIS THE 13TH DISTRICT. BUT IT'S REALLY OUR AMERICA." That ugly piece of political "othering" was handed out at a 9-12 meeting where organizers, in all seriousness, called Obama a socialist traitor who's trying to destroy America.

The twitter handle uses the "Our America" line to lampoon Davis' views that suggest he's living in some other America, different from the reality everyone else experiences. For example:
#InRodneysAmerica being #Bipartisan means supporting almost every GOP-leadership policy position, and then having them raise money for you.
I did a few of my own.
#InRodneysAmerica coal mining made everyone in eastern Kentucky, southern Illinois and West Virginia filthy rich. lol
 #InRodneysAmerica your HMO never told you what doctors you can see. Must be nice.
If anyone else uses the #InRodneysAmerica hashtag, let me know.