December 6, 2013

Chicago and Southern Illinois Hearings Show Unity Against Fracking

I have another piece on Huffington Post blog. The Illinois political establishment has vastly underestimated the intesity of opposition to fracking.

Several hundred people attended over two hours of public comments at Rend Lake College in southern Illinois. Only two expressed support for fracking. A former oil rig worker, a 30-year former coal miner, small business owners, at least three Eagle Scouts, and lifelong southern Illinois residents gave testimony criticizing fracking and the proposed rules.

After making technical comments, legendary Shawnee Forest defender Sam Stearns warned, "The fact is that there's going to be a good deal of resistance to any effort to frack here in southern Illinois because people like myself who live in southern Illinois don't intend to be unintended consequences or collateral damage. I can assure you there will be resistance at every step of this proposed fracking."

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I posted just over half the Rend Lake College hearing comments in four youtube videos. A backup battery for the camcorder is now on my Christmas list.

There are three more hearings scheduled in Decatur, Effingham, and Carbondale. You can also make comments online.